Excel Format Issue

Hi All,

while converting data from text to excel, in one column the data is not in the expected format
Eg: (Required: 0456474937512 instead of 4.56475+11)
is there any way to set excel column format using uipath?
I’ve tried giving the proper data type in build data table as well, still the same issue.

Apart from the above one, in some other process the bot is generating an extra sheet (Sheet1) in excel, how to avoid extra sheet generation.

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

You need to use UiAutomation to change the format of the excel column to text before writing the data into excel.

It doesn’t really help. Excel column format needs to be changed for this issue.


Can you give more details on this? What operation are you trying to do with the excel?


Did you meant by recording, to change the excel column format?

Hi @kgmaheshwari,

There is one solution given by Microsoft itself for it You can refer it and might be able to do the solution…



Alternative solution in addition to @Vinutha and @baisilgee

However , adding the equals sign forces Excel to preserve your data:


…which opens in Excel as:

Value  |  0503E000  |  1234123412341234

Karthik Byggari


while doing Text to Excel Conversion, it is generating one sheet with the desired output, along with that it is generating one extra sheet.
how can we avoid this extra sheet generation.

Thank you @baisilgee.
This solution worked for me.

Thanks for the reply @baisilgee
For display purpose your solution is best, but I am using the values for next process as well, and in that case using any extra symbols like 'Value or =“Value” is misleading the data for further process.

Is there any other alternative to achieve both requirements (Display & Accurate data), any activity or code if you can suggest.

Splitting the extra symbols for further processing or maintaining Template excel with proper formatting could be another solution but I am just curious if there is any way to easily handle formatting issues or format warnings in excel.