Numer formatted as text in cell

Hello Guys,

i need your help. When I extract data from a pdf into excel the output number is formatted as a text in the cell. I need to change it into a number as attached in the screenshot.
Is it possible to automate it in UiPath? Or is there any step where I have to change from “string” to “int32” ?
Thank you in advance

@m.g95 Can you try using this Activity :

  1. Read the Excel File as a Datatable.

  2. Use the Activity mentioned above to change the Type of the Column.

  3. Write it back to the Excel File (Separate File for Checking) using Write Range.

Check the File if it is Updated or not.

Thank you @supermanPunch,

my problem now is that the Object reference was not set to an object instance.

Can you help me with the new issue.

@m.g95 Have you passed the Datatable to it? And make sure the Datatable is not Empty.

Perfect. Thank you. Now it works.

Ok there is a new problem because now I need to convert not just normal number like 2. Therefore I used int32.
Now i have to change a number like 19.975,20. Here is the problem that int32 isn’t the right TypeArgument. Do you know which i could use ?

@m.g95 Have you tried Double ?

Yes I tried System.Double, but that hasn’t worked as well.

@m.g95 The numbers will be in the same format ?

right… and that’s the problem.