How to check and convert cell to number if it isn't in the right format?

My Question is how do I get uipath to do " if cell is Number stored as text (align left) then click on the error and covert cell to number else move to next cell and check for the error"


Hii @Clement_Tang

to my understanding you want convert 27106,5 to 271065 and 12582,5 to 125825 if yes then you can use replace method
your assign activity will be like this

first read excel file and put it in for each row

where row(“Values”) is the column name you want to change

Actually what i wanted to do is to convert all cells that are “number stored as text” to number.

Action A: What I do now is Click on cell B[12], if it is a number stored as text then send hotkey Ctrl+A and click on the excel error button then Convert all cells with this error to number.

But my problem is that sometimes when I export the excel file, cell B[12] does not have “number stored as text” the error, so what I want uipath to do is when B[12] has no error, move down to next cell and proceed with Action A. If B[13] still doesn’t have the error, move down to next cell and proceed with Action A, and so on. When Action A is performed, stop loop.

Hi @Clement_Tang

can you put the input file and let me know what are the changes you need in it