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Hey guys
How to export data in a table into a desktop application. For example I have a 8 column and 8 rows table in excel and I want to insert the data in the excel table accordingly into the desktop application. Both the excel and desktop application have the same type of table.
In urgent need of a clear answer. Thank you so much

Use scrapping methods to get the data as datatable . Once you get the data , we can write it in excel using excel.workbook activities

I think you got me wrong. I want to insert data into desktop application from excel .

  1. Use Excel Application Scope to access the Excel file.
  2. Use Read Range to convert the data to a data table.
  3. Loop through the data table using For Each Row.
  4. Open the desktop Application.
  5. Insert the column value one by one using Type Into.
  6. Use Click activity to submit or save the record.
  7. Add Delay if you need some time before processing the next record.

Thanks for our reply but I have done it earlier and the first row of data is inserting according to their column but the second row is not adding into the second row of desktop application but its adding the data into the first row. As far as I know the problem is the Idx of each cell in application is different and uipath or any other automation software don’t have any properties to iterate through the cell in the table of a desktop application.

You need to recognize that first row insertion is completed or not. Once it is done. Move to next row using hot keys and start feeding the data in the application.

Need to build a logic to handle this case.

I just used send hotkey to fix this issue

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