Iterating through web paes,web forms,desktop applications

Hi everyone,
I know that we can use for each for each row to iterate through data in a table but can we do that in a desktop application? For example I want to enter data from excel to my employee details table in an application and I have the exact same type of table in both the excel and application and 20 rows with 7 columns. So I want to import all the data in the same order into the table in application. How can we loop the data entry in an application? I couldn’t find any proper method to loop the data entry in a application/website/softwares etc. Thank you.


Read your excel file in a DataTable.
Use “For Each Row” activity on this datatable and inject each row in your application

Thank you for replying. How to inject the data in each row in the application? Sorry I’m very new to UI Path.

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