How uipath support to fill in data (Excel file) into desktop Application

First Question

To fill in data (Excel file) more than 1 row into desktop Application (1 field), FOR EACH ROW Activity to be applied and success. By the way, in case to fill in data (Excel file) more than 5 row into desktop Application (5 field) one by one. i.e Excel Column A (Price) : A1 = 10, A2 = 20, A3 = 30, A4 = 40, A5 = 50 and Desktop Application: Field 1, Field 2, Field 3, Field 4, Field 5 and the result that Uipath support to fill in data as following Field 1 = 10, Field 2 = 20, Field 3 = 30, Field 4 = 40, Field 5 = 50.

Second question

To validate or reconcile data between data in Excel file and data in Desktop Application, any Uipath activity will be supported.

Thanks for your advice in advance

Hi @natchakrit

In terms of your first question, you can create a variable of array like {“1”,“2”,“3”,“4”,“5”},
and for each that to get data from cell of “A”+array(index) and set data to selector of "Field "+array(index).
As for the second question, By method same to above to get both values, and use If activity to check them one by one.

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Hi @wusiyangjia I try but not success, could you guide more or send me the sample project to follow. thanks.

Hi @natchakrit

Could you provide me with your Desktop Application: Field 1’s full selector?

Sorry for late reply, the selector of our desktop application shall be as below
It’s like a grid table “Event, Date, xx,xx” i focus on Event and Date. Thanks.

Hi @natchakrit

Could you provide me with your Desktop Application: Field 2’s full selector?
I’d like to confirm what’s the difference between them.
You can add “\” before each “<” for displaying them on website like below.

<wnd ctrlname=‘formSplitContainer’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘cLayoutControl’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘splitContainerPhysicalDeal’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘xtraTabControlPhysicalDeal’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘xtraTabPageDeliveryAndEvents’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘physicalDealDeliveryEventControl’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘groupControlEvents’ />
<wnd ctrlname=‘gridControlEvent’ />
<ctrl name=‘Row 1’ role=‘row’ />
<ctrl name=‘Event Date/Time row 0’ role=‘cell’ />