Excel Text to Column function through UiPath

Hi all, have a datatable that needs to go through text to columns before becoming usable but is there a way to do it through UiPath Studio? I’ve googled and they say there’s an activity for it but my personal UiPath studio does not have it, not even when i search for packages to download.

Can anyone help?

Needs a line break (Ctr + J) to properly break into columns

Hello @2101065g

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Please watch the below video.


it says to use Text to Columns activity which I do not have.

I have tried searching for it under Manage Packages but still have nothing

can you click on the filter button and enable all categories? Also are you using studiox or studio?


Yep have tried checking under all packages, still nothing

Per my class’s requirement, I am using Studio and not StudioX

Try to create a new project and check it once. Hope you have created a Windows Compatibility project.

Also share the studio version.


made a new project, still the same result. can’t find the activity anywhere

it doesn’t seem to be a community edition. Hope you are trying to use the community ediiton. If yes, please check the below video and download the community edition.


The academic version I’ve installed is per the reuirements of my course and so I am unable to use the community version