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Hi Experts,

I am trying to use clicking activities to help me convert text to column in Excel.

I am not sure why the Text to Column does not work - it did not seperate the text by ‘tab’.

This is more of an Excel issue rather than UiPath studio question.

You would need to specify how the data is separated by columns. In your example, it looks more like you’re trying to split up the rows from a single cell. Not sure if splitting rows out is something Excel can do, but UiPath can by splitting the data at newlines.

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Hi @Steven_Kho,

Have you tried reading this file as CSV -

You can convert the file to Csv - Then read csv by specifying the separator and this will give you an Datatable.


Hi @Anthony_Humphries

May I know how to split the data using newlines?

If myString is your string, assign a variable of type String Array (or String) to myString.Split(newString() {Environment.NewLine}, StringSplitOptions.None).


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