How to convert Text to Column in Excel

Hi Experts,

I need to do an activity and that is to convert the TEXT to COLUMN using Delimeted “|”. Please advise, how can i do this activity in UiPath.


Hey @Ashik_Khan,

If the file you are using is in the .csv format then it would be very easy to achieve using Read CSV activity and set the property delimeter to pipe.

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Hi @Ashik_Khan,
Please follow the below step
2. Split data by using split function delimiter as Environment.Newline which will return array.
3. Assign New Datatable() to the Datatable.
4. Use for each loop with add data column activity to add data to datatable as column.
5. add a single datarow to datatable.
6. Write range into excel file with Add headers option check. (16.3 KB)

  1. Read data from text file.

Thanks Jyotika, i will try the steps advised by you…

i have tried following you advise, but getting error message → CSV file format for _____ .csv is invalid.

can you share the file with me?let me check.

XML file or CSV?


Email.xaml (3.8 KB)
It does not allow me to attached CSV file…

Something wrong with the csv file.Activity is fine.

let me try again…

I tried again, it gave me same error message.
send me the csv file.Let me check.


Hey Little typo error in the email above.Apologies.

ok… sent

Hey @Ashik_Khan,

I just checked the data inside your file. You need to make some changes in the data inside the file. I tried by removing the headers from the file and it worked.

Sending you the file via email. Please check.

Thanks… let me chk

I got the file, but didn’t got the reason why to delete the headers…

I think that is not the specified format for csv.