Excel Automation-UIpath

I have an Excel file which has data from SAP (xlsx File). My query is regarding data formatting
Need to perform a text to column for (column C,D,F-it is always fixed)
Solution i created: I Created a Data table and try to use this “DtTopaste.Columns(“Vendor Code”).ToString” but it did not work as expected.

Please help me on problem "how to do a text to column activity of excel in uipath without using script.
Thanks in advance

Hi @Jyothilekshmi_menon
Are you using any delimiter for the text to column activity? What is the delimiter?

To access the column “Vendor Code”, use this syntax inside a For Each Row loop:
For Each Row (row being the iteration object and datatable DtTopaste)
->->Assign VendorCode = row("Vendor Code").ToString

If you want to just test it on the first row without looping, try
DtTopaste.Rows(0)("Vendor Code").ToString

Replace 0 with any index, depending on which row you want to access.

my actual requirement is - for complete column i need to do a text to column activity (In excel select data tab-> Click Text to column-> Fixed width-> Finish) for example in Excel, Vendor code column data is like “Number sorted as Text” When i perform text to column activity → this format will change to number

Hi @Jyothilekshmi_menon

Did u need to convert the column data to text ?

Not sure, because when i perform the text to column activity some data changes to text and some changes to numbers :frowning:

So do u need to convert all cells in column to text format?