Where is the "Text to Column" equivalent activity inside Studio?

Hi, inside studio X there seems to be a useful Text to Column activity specific to splitting merged data in cells into separate columns. Text to Columns

But this specific activity is not present in Studio? How might I achieve the same process in studio?

I dont like to have to keep switching between StudioX and Studio because different versions of the same software do not give ALL the tools for the job.


you can do it with VBA if using studio (not studioX)

can i see the text you want to split? then i can send the vba code

Thanks Jack,

This is the original data sample with all info merged into 1 single sheet with { : and and , " symbols):

I need to process it into an excel sheet that looks like this:

It would involve adding new columns, with each column being the “answer” to the question. And the Question being the Header of the new column.
Desired split column data - Copy.xlsx (8.7 KB)
Original.xlsx (9.8 KB)

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xaml file
Test (2).xaml (17.1 KB)

result (result sheet)

HI @Chaaza

In Studio also you can use the studioX Activities

GoTo Filters-> Enable Show modern-> You can now see the activities of studioX in the studio activities pane




Turn on the Modern Design Experience in studio level

→ Open studio and navigate to Home->Settings->Design->Turn on Use Modern for new projects…

→ Whenever you create a new project the modern design experience applied to the new projects

→ You can use Modern and classic in your project, Just you need to Navigate to the Activities panel need go for the filter options and check show classic.


Turn on the modern design experience for project level

This will only works for particular project

->Open your project in UiPath->Projects panel->Settings->Design->Modern Design Experience
Turn it on you can see the Modern activities


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