Excel: @ Sign automatically added into formula with Invoke VBA


Anyone has issues when inserting formulas into cell with Invoke VBA? My vba script didnt have the “@” sign but excel just added it in automatically. Now the cell value is #VALUE! which is an error. After removing the @ sign then the correct value appears. Help!

No need to use @ before N7

I think i might not have explained my issue correctly. The issue is i did not have any @ sign in my formulas when using the invoke vba activity. Somehow, Excel added the @ sign automatically inside.

I have found the solution to the issue.
For formulas that consist of Value, e.g. .FormulaR1C1 = “=Sum(Value(D7:D29))”, a “2” must be added in front of the FormulaR1C1 in order to prevent the @ sign from coming out.
Therefore, the solution is .Formula2R1C1= “=Sum(Value(D7:D29))”.

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