Writing an excel formula adds '@' - Any workaround?

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Quick question,
I believe in the newer excel, they introduce ‘@’ inside some formulas.
I’m having trouble removing them. Any workaround ideas? Cheers

The workflow:

The ‘@’ issue:

The new versions of Excel, the “@” symbol may appear in certain formulas as part of the formula syntax. This is typically seen in array formulas. For example, you might encounter something like @SUM(A1:A5) where the “@” symbol indicates that the formula is an array formula. While Excel may display this “@” symbol in the formula bar, it’s not part of the formula itself.


Hi Praveen,

Thanks for the response.
However as can be seen in the second ss, due to the @ it is not giving out the desired output which is unique values of Column A2 onwards i.e. Gym membership, board games, Computer etc.

I tried removing the @ manually in excel itself and it then give the desired output.

So yeah, I believe the original question above still stands on how to remove the “@”.

Hope that explains where my issue is. Cheers!

In newer versions of Excel, the “@” symbol is used to indicate structured references in Excel tables.

Include a single quote along with the formula

if you want to enter the formula “ ‘ “ + “your formula”


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