Inserting a formula into a excel using write cell adds "@" symbol after "="

Hi, just wondering, has this bug been fixed? When I try to write a formula into excel 365, there is a “@” after the “=” part of the formula… is there any workaround that I can use if the bug is not fixed yet?

some members did report similar. In some scenarios, where the localized excel function was used the issue was solved, when using the default function name (ES: SI, Default: IF).

Can you tell us which function is in use and if a localized excel function is written?

I am actually using a custom excel function from a plugin…the plugin is from Excel Add-on - FinancialModelingPrep. Theres no localised excel function…

Hi @ppr any suggestions to what i can do? Thanks!

maybe giving feedback to UiPath via here along with all information for replicating the issue could bring out some progress