Why did Excel auto added the "@" sign?

Dear all,

i did a write cell to an excel file. my formula is from excel, textjoin formula.
“=TEXTJOIN(”+Chr(34)+","+Chr(34)+",TRUE,IF(F2 = F:F,T:T,"+Chr(34)+""+chr(34)+"))"

but when it comes to excel, @ sign was auto added in front of column F:F. which gave me wrong result. do you know why this happen? once i manually remove the @ sign, my result in excel is correct.

  • i need to use TextJoin function to fulfil my requirement, note able to use concatenate.
  • Chr(34) was to replace the double quote else uipath will show end of expression required.

appreciate any advise!

Hi @winnie_toh

Try uncheck “Use table name in formulas”

hi thank you for the response! i uses excel heavily on other application too. will it affect other VSTO application if do that?

hi, i tried using your method, but result still the same. the @ are auto added to the formula when i debug and check. :frowning:

Hi @winnie_toh

Sometimes you have to close and reopen UiPath and close/reopen Excel for changes to take effect. Should you think it may affect VSTO applications, then consider constructing the whole text in UiPath:

  1. read cell from 1 or more Excel fields and store to variables
  2. string concatenation in UiPath for all the desired variables
  3. write cell to target excel field

Dear all, in the end, i revised the formula and it works now!

=TEXTJOIN(", ",true,FILTER(A1:A6,B1:B6 = D1))

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