Excel sheet is not opening in foreground

Hi Team,

I am using Excel Application Scope to open Excel and perform the activities. But the excel is not opening in foreground. Need to attach one text file in one of the cell. Please help.


Hi @Alamgir , Do you have microsoft office installed in your machine? If so, could please attach a screen shot of what is happening there?


Do you have the “Visible” box checked in the Excel Application Scope activity?

And are you using an Activate activity to then bring the window to the foreground?

What do you need to do in excel - with uipath its better to read range and work on DT in computer memory (workbook activities and read range) and after all action use append range in file.

Yes, microsoft is installed in my system.

@Mikolaj_Zielinski … Need to attach a text file in a particular cell. for that Excel should be open in foreground.

@postwick , Yes, Visible box is checked. Still, it is opening in background.

Hi @Alamgir
use start process activity and pass the filepath it will open the excel file…

Do you have the Activate activity inside the Excel Application Scope?