Excel Sheet Not Being Brought to Foreground

I am using the Excel application scope activity to open a downloaded Excel file. I have the “visible” box checked under properties, but it does not always bring the Excel file to the foreground. Are there any workarounds to have the Excel file appear in the foreground?


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You can use Set Focus Activity OR you can use Attach Window activity also

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Ideally the visible property does the bit.

Few things to try -

  1. Read Range the Sheet where you want the bot to be visible… Put the Range as “” . No need to have the DataTable also … Idea is just to shift the focus .

  2. Put a Delay of say 5 seconds and then put a Message box after it.

  3. Try Executing - If you see the message box with excel i background , we are Done :slight_smile:


Hi Guys,

Any solution for this issue?? Facing same problem.