Excel Scope Issue


My requirement is to search the text in the excel sheet and take the screenshot of it.
I am using the excel scope activity and “send hot key” (Ctrl+f) for finding the text in the excel,It is working fine but when text is not found in the excel we are not getting the popup mentioned in the below screenshot and sample project

TestExcelFind.zip (19.6 KB)

Thanks in advance

Thank You,
Naga Varma

what to do with the popup.i mean what u want to do if u dont find the text

I want to take the screen shot with the popup

have u used take screenshot activity?

Hello @Naga_Varma

You want to take the screenshot with the popup then

Use Element Exist to check the popup is available - If available put “Take Screenshot” workflow which you can find in the RE-framework project

Hope this helps you


POPUP is not coming when i use Excel Application Scope activity. Please download the sample project attached and check once…

My issue is Popup is not coming in the Excel Scope Activity. PFA Project

Here is the example
When i open the excel manually and search for the text , I am getting the below popup

When i open the same excel using UIPath Excel Application Scope and search for the text i am not getting popup highlighted in the above screen. Below is the screen shot from UIPath Excel Application Scope Activity

Please find attached sample projectTestExcelFind.zip (19.6 KB)

Thank You,
Naga Varma

press f2 when ur find activity runs
it will give u delay