Excel Save As - Remove C: drive from path

Hi All,

I’m trying to save an already opened excel file. When Studio attempts to save the file, its adding the C:\Users\myusername\desktop before the path I provide in the “Save Excel File As” activity.

I’ve asked many coworkers and no ones been able to figure out why this is happening or how to fix it.

Does anyone here have any ideas?


First question…why are you opening the Excel file and then using Save As? That’s UI Automation, which is not typically how we automate with Excel.

Second question…show us your code. We can’t help without details of what you’re doing and how you have your activities configured.

Hi @rclayto3 ,

Can you pass the full file path and try and it will work.

Still if you are facing issue let us know

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Hi @rclayto3

I have did same code, but my file was successfully save.
can you please show full code?