UiPath 19.10.1 Excel Save Issue

I am working in a database system and the system gives me an export option that lets me save databases as Excel files. Our system just had an update and now the “save as” dialog boxes have the Windows 10 style modular arrows in the file path that it did not before.

By default the system tries to save the file under the ULayeredImage drive which it did not do before, this is the ghost image layer for the company machines.

In the “file name” text box the bot types out the full file path and name and in the previous dialog box before the update this saved everything just fine in the desired location. When I save this manually there is no problem, but when the bot saves it there is one of 3 things that happens:
1 - it disregards the file path I have added and saves it under the image layer anyway
2 - it saves it where I have designated it to save but the files are all the same size (9KB) and blank
3 - (if I change the file path to go to the \client (root) level of the file system and save it cleanly from the bottom to the desired location) it gives an error saying it does not have permissions to access the file location
Number 1 and 2 have also happened simultaneously. Because of the modular section of the dialog box I cannot select it and type into it and the different sections do not have individual selectors, it is just labeled as one text box so it is not something I can interact with.

Does anyone know why this would save as a blank file when I do save it in the correct location?

One thing I will add, no matter how long I set the delay, the save does not actually happen until the page closes. For whatever reason with the new system, it isn’t until the page the file is saved from closes that the % complete bar shows up and the save actually happens.

The key points seem to be:

Point 1 we cannot change the modular address in the address bar, we have to use the file name text box to create the file path.

Point 2 we can change where the file saves and what the name is but the file saved there is blank and contains no data.

Point 3 we can get readable data by taking the file down to the \client (root) file and creating a path up to the desired location.

Point 4 manually setting the save location only lasts for the one session of the environment. Once you close it and start a new one that is reset to the default save location (the hidden image layer).

Point 5 saving it with the \client (root) method makes it inaccessible to the system, stating it has no permissions to then go and read the file.