Excel Read range issue. pls help me



hi everybody

I have an error when using Read range activity. If input specified range is ok, can get Headers.
But if input dynamic range Exam (“A” + range.toString) I cannot get Headers though I chose Add Headers It automatically creates new headers that are not headers in the first row.

STT Name Age
1 Test1 20
2 Test2 20

If using dynamic variable

Col1 Col2 Col3
STT Name Age
1 Test1 20
2 Test2 20

I want the heades is STT Name Age

Do you have any such errors? please help me. Many thanks!


@duynd9 In the read range property check add headers


thank you for a reply. I checked but I chose Add Headers It automatically creates new headers that are not headers in the first row.


Intialize range value to 0 or 1 and see


Using String.Format(“A{0}”,variable.ToString)
this is the same: String.Concat(“A”, variable.ToString)
but can’t get headers, It automatically creates new headers


can you attach your workflow and excel file


demoGetReport.zip (15.7 KB)
thank you so much


can you explain what exactly you need from your xaml file


I need to get data from A35 with headers but data from A5 is dynamic data it, not just 20 row or 25 row. so I need the dynamic range with data from A35 or A37…with headers. Because of I need use Select activity. But if use dynamic range cannot get Data with headers in row A35 It automatically creates new headers. Sorry, my English so bad !


Is a bug of UIpath. so sad :frowning:


Hi @duynd9,

I think. It is not a bug in the activity. To get data you have to use the Read Cell activity to specify in the property Cell.



hi @balupad14
Thanks for a reply.
I tried it, but I want to use headers to select.
Read Cell activity cant set the first row into headers. so sad :frowning:


Hi @duynd9,

I am not able to understand your situation. Can you please share your xaml to see?



is here. Sorry it is my problem please excuse me for disturbing you. thanks you



Hi @duynd9,
You want the total of TransCount,debit,credit and payment ? is it…



Hi @duynd9,

Always you will have only 2 rows gap between the 2 datas



Hi @balupad14

No. I want data from A35 with headers but if use dynamics range with a variable cant add the firt row into headers.

Thank you.


Hi @balupad14

You can run demo. So i think you will understand my mean.



Hi @duynd9,

Is this ur expected result ?



Yes. Firt row cant set into headers. So i cant use select method in Datatable.
I need to filter and process data before writing to the excel. :frowning: