Excel Preserve Format is creating problem with different data

Hi All

We have some data in excel which are percentage data like 23%. But when we are reading the data from excel with Read Range and Preserve Format is not checked then its changing to 0.23. With Preserve Format checked its reading correctly.

But the same code when reads date value, 4/2/2021 12:00:00 AM changes to 59/02/21. But when Preserve Format is not checked it reads the correct value.

So how to correctly read both type of data with the same code ?

You have to change the format of a column where you have percentage values…

Currently, it should be General or number type… Changing it to text will resolve your issue…

So i have to change directly in the excel itself before reading using Read Range ?

Yes, Correct…

Just try it and let me know…

Also if it is .xlsx file try reading it with workbook read range activity

Currently its Custom. But changing to Text, General or Number is making it decimal. Selecting Percentage is showing with % symbol.

So we have do like opening the excel and then using send hot key we have to open the Formatting window and then select the Percentage option.

Correct me if it is right.

You can use change format activityy in excel extension activities to do it without hotkey.

Could you please tell me the package name ?


Hi @Pravin_Patil1

But how to know if the column contains % data ? Because I am developing a generic workflow.
So in order to change the format first I should know whether the data contains % symbol or not.