Excel data changing after reading and writing in uipath

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We have some data in excel which are percentage data like 23%. But when we are reading the data from excel like row(“Value”).toString then its changing to 0.23.

We need in the same format like 23%. Kindly help.

Hi @kkpatel,

I assume your data in excel is Percentage format like “23%”.
If so, ticking PreserveFormat in Read Range Properties Panel should fix this.

Kah Liang

Yes it may do that. But i am writing a generic code. And if i tick Preserve Format then if there is any date column then the date format is changing to some abnormal date which is again throwing error.

Date 4/2/2021 12:00:00 AM changes to 59/02/21.


I believe you are converting the date string

For Month to mention, can you check did you keep MM or mm

MM - Month
mm - Minutes

Hope this may help you


I am just doing row(0).toString. so ideally it should fetch whatever data is there in the excel.


Can you share you sample excel file which you are facing issue?



Eq Outs.xlsx (9.1 KB)

@Srini84 @Srini84 FYR.

Hi @Kah_Liang @Srini84 Any solutions ?


By Enabling Preserve format only it is having issue, can you tell me which source are you generating the excel?


Excel was downloaded from a site called QlikView. Actually the reports were in graphical format but we can right click and save the same in excel.

@Srini84 Any update on this thread?


As I told you in a previous post, why don’t you try without using Preserve Format?