Issue while copy excel data to another Excel

Hi I have Excel with data while I use read all data using read range work book and write it using write range work book but some value has been changed like
I have value in 1st Excel like $ 300 and 90%
Is changed automatically 300 and 0.9
Please find screen shot for more details

Is that any way to copy paste which format we have in parent excel?


Those cells are formatted to show percentage and dollar value…use read range with read formatting as display value…then it will read as is…

Or change the target cell format to the target source format using format cell…


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Hi @Vicky_K ,

Use property preservers formate to true while reading the data from excel using workbook read range activity this property would help you to preserve the excel format and write data into another excel using write range activity. Give it a try. Thanks

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