Data Conversion Issue

When i am trying to enter the data in application from the excel i am facing a formatting issue (Ex: I am entering percentage value when i see in excel it is 3.00% but when the bot enters the data in application it is entering like 0.03% can you please find some solution for this).

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@Shiva_Goud1 Welcome to the UiPath Community.
Use Preserve Format checked while using Read Range activity. it will solve your issue.

when the Excel is readin and the column format is recognized as a percentage column the value will be in the format of PercentValueFactor * 100 (Example: 3% = 0,03*100)

so will have 2 options:
Option 1 as mentioned by @Arpit_Kesharwani: tick on preserver format
Option 2: ExcelValue * 100 and if needed add the % sign on the end

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hi try adding this ’ before your data, ex '0.03%

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kindly mark it as solution if it worked for you.

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