Excel Opening Read Only on SharePoint

We have an Excel file on SharePoint that our automation writes to. The workbook opens read only no matter what settings we select in Excel. This is causing issues with our automation as the Edit Workbook selectors work fine for a week or two but will then throw errors.

I saw a previous topic on the subject that suggested running a macro to keep the file from opening in edit only mode but it did not work. Does anyone have any suggestions how to correct this issue?

Can you provide more information on this?

  • SharePoint version (Office 365 or SharePoint 2016 or 2013 etc…)
  • MS Office version on PC
  • How are you accessing this file ? Are you accessing using a direct url of Excel file? or Are you launching a webpage and then clicking on a file name?


Thanks so much! SharePoint is 2010. MS Office is 2016. I am accessing the file using a direct url of the Excel file.

Can you try replacing https:// with file:// ? and test

FYI, reference → Open SharePoint files in edit mode from client applications (and not read only) - Adis Jugo blog