Need Help! Facing problem while trying to edit excel in SharePoint site

Hello All,

I am trying to edit [write,read] an excel in sharepoint site , but i am facing the below error when i gave the sharepoint URL in workbook path/excel path.

When i give the same sharepoint URL in “open browser” activity the Excel is getting directly opened on browser without an issue,

Write Range Workbook: Extension ‘xlsx&action=default&mobileredirect=true&cid=f7c8b6bd-dc8a-4ac0-ba65-a154c8577a57’ is not supported. Supported extensions are ‘.xlsx’, ‘.xlsm’, ‘.xltx’ and ‘.xltm’.


For editing the excel stored in Sharepoint, you may have to download the Office365 Package and use the excel activities as below

Hope this may help you


This doesnt work, Any other options please?