Excelfile stored on SharePoint read-only

Hi all,

I’m having troubles opening an Excelfile (stored on SharePoint) via de Excelscope activity.
The files only open as read-only. As a result of this the write range activity becomes useless.

Is there any workaround?

Kind regards

How about downloading the file then use the saved file in Excel Application Scope?

The workaround I used is:

  1. Store a Personal.xlsx Macro workbook on Sharepoint
  2. Store a macro in it that deactivates the read only function
    'Deactivation of read only
    Sub ReadOnly()

If InStr(1, Application.Caption, “Read-Only”) > 1 Then

End If
End Sub

  1. Open the file you initially wanted to open
  2. Open Personal.xlsx with application scope
  3. Run the macro