Excel opened as read-only when running from Orchestrator


I have an excel file, where I need to clear a field at the end of the process. I am running the process from Orchestrator, and the excel is opened as read-only since it is not created during the execution, and hence “write cell” activity doesn’t work. Any workarounds for this?



Hi rakesh In your excel file right click-> choose properties->In the attributes
uncheck Read-only -> click ok

Hi Indra,

Thanks for your reply. The read-only flag is already unchecked. If I run the bot locally, it can modify this excel file, but when I run it from the orchestrator, UiPath treats this file as read-only (that’s a default behaviour of orchestrator).

It worked when I used workbook read range, modified data table and wrote it back again to the same file. However, it does not work when Excel application scope is used.

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