How to handle Opened Workbook?


I have a scenario in which my excel file will get downloaded from the SAP application. I need to perform some data activity in the same excel file.

When I use Excel Application Scope I am getting an Read-only notification from excel application. How do I handle this scenario?

Someone please help…

Thank you :slight_smile:

@cthamizh Check Excel Application Scope Options, there check whether ReadOnly check box is checked. If checked remove and try.

Thank @Srini84, but read-only is not checked in my Excel Application Scope. Since the file is opened from the cloud by default it is opening in a Read-only mode. Also once we click the Edit Workbook (as show on the below screenshot), then only our changes will get saved.


I’m not sure what causes your problem, but you can try using the workbook activities for read and write range instead of using the excel ones which require an excel application scope.

Sure, lets try that. Thank you :grinning: