Write Range activity doesn't work while running from Orchestrator

I am extracting data from a webpage and writing the values into an excel sheet using ExcelWriteRange activity inside Excel Application Scope. When I am running it from UiPath studio, it works perfectly fine. But when I run the process from Orchestrator, irrespective of the environment, the values aren’t being written into the excel file, rather the previous values are reflected and saved.

What possibly might be the problem? Please help.

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I did have this problem today, by testing.
The orchestrator can only read range from files inside the package. Hence under whole project folder,excel path is “sample.xlsx”
(Just for recorrection on this, orchestrator can also read range from absolute address like below “C:\sample.xlsx” if this file is available.)
And can only write range to Adsolute Address like “C:\sample.xlsx”

I just did them successful, not sure why. You can have a try.


It is working fine now. Thank you for the help! :slight_smile: