Excel datatable to Oracle

Hello! I’m trying to input data tables in Oracle and I’m using For each row, I want to input data first in row1 and save and row2 , save and so on. Anyone can help? Thanks.

Hi @Jeffrey_Mendoza

Are you trying to insert the data to a Oracle database? If so you will first need to install the appropriate driver to connect to the database. Once that is done, you can follow the below steps.

  1. Add UiPath.Database.Activities to your UiPath solution through package manager.
  2. Add a Read Range to read your excel to a datatable
  3. Use the database connection activity and create the connection to the database
  4. Use a for each row activity to loop through the datatable
  5. Within the loop, use the execute query activity.
  6. Configure this activity to accept the datarow returned from the row variable of the for each row.
  7. Write the query to insert it into your table

Hello Lahiru. Thanks for the reply, Yes I have the UiPath.Database.Activities. My problem is, I want to save data from excel file and I want it to input one by one and then automatically click “save” button and then proceed to the next one with the same process.

It’s like inputting informations like on Google forms that after clicking “Submit” button. It will fill out the 2nd informations from the excel file.

Oh right, so you are having a interface in Oracle application to do it?

Yes, I do have. Do you have any idea how can I do that? Because, I used ForEachRow, it will not continue after inputting the first information from excel file.

Then you can change my same logic above a bit. The part that should change should be the activities inside the for each row loop. The for each row loop will take one row at a time from the excel datatable. Then you can have type into activities to type the data in their respective fields. After all the type into activities, you can add a click activity within the loop at the very end to submit.

Have you checked whether the datatable contain all the records of your excel file? You can check it using the debug mode. Right click on the read range activity and add a break point. Then run the program in debug mode. Once the execution gets to the break point, it will stop showing you the variable values on the locale panel. Now do a step by step execution. Then you will see what values are assigned to your datatable.

I used Csv Reader Lahiru. If I put “click” on the bottom of this picture below to save, it will save the first row of the informations and then proceed to the 2nd row after saving?


yeah… Read CSV is fine if your source is a csv file.

If the screen doesn’t change to a different screen after clicking on the save, yes, it should be ok to have the save button at the end of the activity list there.

I see, it will save the all items in excel one by one until it’s done am I correct? Thank you, I’ll try it later.

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Yes… it will… :slight_smile:

Let me know how it goes after trying

Absolutely Lahiru. Thanks.

Hello Lahiru, I’ve got some questions. The click button doesn’t work to the pop-up message like if there’s a confirmation that need to choose button “Yes or No”. It didn’t work.

Hey @Jeffrey_Mendoza

So sorry for the late reply. I was busy with some deployment work.
So your question, in case there is a confirmation pop up, you will need to check for it as well.

So I suppose this pop up comes up after you click on the submit activity? If so, after the click activity for the submit button, you will need to check whether the pop up message is appeared. You can use element exists activity to check whether a pop up window is open. If the element exists return true, then you will need another click activity to click on the yes or no buttons depending on your scenario.

So to check whether its true or false, you can use an IF activity after the element exists activity. Within the if activity, you can place the Click activity to click on the pop up.

Thankyou Fernando for the tips&guide. I’ll try to figure it out.

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Hello Fernando,

Thank you for the tips, it’s working properly. But I have an issue as well on the save button. I used different kind of recording and the data is not saving. Hope you can help me with this. Thanks a lot.

Best regards,

Hi @Jeffrey_Mendoza

Glad to know its working. However I’m not very clear about the problem you just mentioned. Can you explain it a bit more.
What type of recording did you use?
Does it click on the save button?
Does it throw any error at any point?

Hello Fernando,

Thanks for the reply, I 've figured it out already. I was wondering what will hapen if all rows has been save to the Oracle(EBS). Do I need to put “terminate workflow” to end the RPA process or it will automatically stop when it’s done?