Insert data from data from datatable to database


I cannot insert the datatable into database with Insert activity.
I checked the parameters they are same as the table in database also names of header in datatable are same as that of database.

I also used execute non query in the for loop for getting the data per row but that didn’t work either

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Please find the attached link. Try that method.

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Check below for your reference

Hope this may help you


Hey man,
Thanks for the helpful solution. Can you tell me what should I put in the execute query if I have a datatable with 9 columns so how do I insert it.

Hi @Hemil_Shah

Please find the below example insert query for your reference.

“insert into Your Table Name (Column1,Column2,Column3,Column4,Column5,Column6,Column7,Column8,Column9)
values ('”+row(“Column1 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column2 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column3 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column4 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column5 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column6 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column7 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column8 Name”).ToString+“‘,’”+row(“Column9 Name”).ToString+“');”


so if in for loop then
“insert into Your Table Name values (’”+row(1).ToString+“’,’”+row(2).ToString+“’);”

This will be the way right.

Because I had pursued the above method but its giving the below error

It worked man. Thanks for helping me out.

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