Copy excel data into Oracle form

I am trying to copy excel rows into Oracle form. I am able to successfully copy the data row by row into the application using “For Each row”.

But , the automation does NOT move to the next row in Oracle , it reads data from Excel and types ALL rows of it in the first row in Oracle , instead of copying 1st row in excel to 1st record in Oracle and so on .

I know I am missing something here . Appreciate any replies from the gurus . TIA !!

I do not know Oracle forms enough, so can only give you some ideas.
The automation will not move to the next row, unless you instruct it to, as the “for each row” loops through the datatable rows, not Oracle.
You need to add an activity at the end of your loop, that would move to the next row in Oracle. How would you do it on your own, without a mouse, only with keyboard shortcuts?

Depends on where the cursor is, but I would try either sending “TAB” or “Down arrow” to the oracle screen, and see how that works out.