Adding datarow one by one to the excel

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Inside the for each loop I have an input array to add data row activity and I’m saving a data table and i’m passing that data table to excel using write range for the 1st item of the for each loop.
for the 2nd item of for each loop , i want to add that data row to a second row of excel.
like for 3rd item = 3rd row …etc

Anybody help for the logic

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You can directly save the data table to the excel sheet using Write Range Activity.

Buddy once after saving the datatable kindly elaborate the requirement buddy…i didn’t get that

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i want to add all those data row to a excel as row by row …

Fine @Sriram07
Then kindly use APPEND RANGE ACTIVITY with which you can write range to each row one by one from for each loop
for more info on append range

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Were you able to write them row by row @Sriram07

Hi @Sriram07,

Don’t use the write range activity in for each loop. Some times it may cause the excel not responding error if your system is slow.

Add all the data row to data table and then write once all the row was added.

Michael Udhaya

@Palaniyappan @Michael_Udhaya @KarthikByggari
In Excel
I am fine with adding those Data-rows to data table and at-last adding those to excel.
In detail I am running for each loop and i am extracting data from the images by loading one by one and saving in Array Row and adding that to add data row to the data table which i have build it was giving current data row of the image only, i need all the data-rows for the before files also…


You can add data row by it’s index.

You can get the array item index by this code :
Array.Indexof(yourArryName, thatValue).

Hi there
i want to tell uipath to take 2 data from user with input method and save in each row and 2 column one by one after another. for example nick name in first row and first column and the second data which could be Last name in first row and second column.
thanks alot by the way and i am so confused using for each row i think it goes with this activity as can make uipath read every row in excel one by one.