Excel data to data entry application

Dear All,

I am a new developer learning UiPath, What i want to do is banking automation testing

  1. We have excel data containing 4 columns: Name, Bank account, Amount, Description
  2. These data might have 10 or more row data
  3. I need to loop this excel sheet data for each line to input in the correct banking application form for transfer process until all data row are completed

Let me know how can i achieve that one. Many thanks for your suggestions

The complete process is
: while transfering process, robot need to use the first row data and input in the related filed of banking page
: after one person is finished, it need to extract second data row and same as above
; robot need to loop for every row of the excel data until all employee banks account are transferred

Note: OTP will be in Input dialog for each banking transfer process and it is manual process