How can I have a looped process use an input coming from multiple cells in an excel file

I have a simple process where an item number is entered into an online procurement system (about a couple thousand times). Currently I have it set up where every time the process is finished, UiPath asks for user input for the next item number.

Is there a way for me to take all my item numbers and put them each into their own cell in excel, then every time time UiPath finishes the loop, it uses the next cell in excel as the input for the process?

I’m new to UiPath, although I feel like this should be fairly straight forward,but can’t find any tutorials going over this.

If any elaboration is needed, please let me know.

Hi @Jpalmer593

Welcome to UiPath Forum.

Just to understand a bit better your current automation steps:

  1. user enter item number
  2. UiRobot enters data into online procurement system
  3. Repeat step 1

You exploring a new automation step:

  1. user enter all item numbers into excel
    1a. if item number already existed then append range next cell row
    1b. if no item number then write range
  2. UiRobot enters new data into online procurement system
  3. Repeat step 1