Excel Data to an Application

I’m following the UIPath acadamy videos to learn.

I faced an issue on the first video itself. In that, the data entering from an excel sheet on an application is doing with “Read CSV” + “Get Row Item” + “Flow Decision” and “Type Into”

In which the instructor used 2 variable to get the data and a counter variable.

After that added the “Get Row Data” and wrote something inside the “Row” option in properties

Instructor is not saying anything about that and its really not clear for me to see it. Its in the First Video of “Level 1 - Foundation Training” exactly at 8:42

Someone please help me to solve it.

Thank you

Hi @jerryg,

In “Row” option we have to pass object of data row
In this scenario it is dt.Rows(Counter)


Thank you :slight_smile: