Convert Excel file columns into rows

Hi guys,

I have the following problem that I want to solve using UiPath. I have an Excel file with a structure like this:


What I want to achieve using data manipulation is something like this using the table above:


Any ideas?


This will require some datatable / string manipulation for the columns. You can loop through each column for transaction number and add data rows accordingly with the associated value. You can build an array that consists of operator, transaction, date.

Hi @CP2208

May be this pseudo code might be helpful


Thanks for your answer.

The problem is that, “Transaction date” was just for the example in the real date I have something like Process1-date1, Process1-date2, Process2-date1.

The same logic through 80 columns with different name


Yes, I tried something like this but I’m not getting the result that I’m looking for.

The result with my script is something like this if you consider the example above


Any idea of a possible script for this?


Use only “date” in the if condition instead of “transaction_date” then it will take column names with transaction_date , process_date etc find the unique name and use that. Just convert to uipath activities and run it n let me know