Excel Comment section with type into

I need to write a comment with, but the type into activity does not read this comment section. Can you suggest a selector code or a way about it?

Choose prefered anchor for the target ie.Comment section
adding more than one anchor is the best way!

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I open the excel comments with the select range and f2 shortcut, and every time you write data, I am in a for each loop that goes to the bottom line, does the method you say work like this?

Generally using UI automation (ie Click, Type Into, etc) is not how you automate in Excel. You should be using the Excel activities.

Hey @ulas.cinar08 , Could you please provide more details or explanation about your requirement to ensure a clear and coherent understanding of the topic?

Also never use type into activities to automate excel
Please use Excel activities or workbook activities

Here is an activity called “Add comment” to add the comment in the excel.

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You should never use type into activity for excel automation also use Excel or workbook activities for the same