Add comment to cell

Is there a way to add comment to a cell in excel? I already detected the row and column but don’t know how to add comment. I read through smartsheet activities but it’s a bit complicated. Is there an Invoke Code or Invoke VBA ways to add comment?


for that you can use the balareva actitity


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it only works for windows legacy. i use windows.


Check this example (9.5 KB)

Basically create a text file and add the following code

Sub AddComment()
    Dim cell As Range
    Set cell = Worksheets("Sheet1").Range("A1")
    cell.AddComment "This would be your comment"
End Sub

Then just do a invoke VBA activity

call the txt file with the code and the Sub name that would be AddComment

hope this helps


How can I pass range to VBA? I tried and unable to pass. I have two variables: int_idx and str_Column. For example, int_idx is 25 and str_Column is “C”.

check the following example (9.5 KB)


Is this correct file as it’s the same as before?

i made some changes to the init file, so it will replace the data and then create another file with the correct data that will execute the vba

Would mind explaining which part that affected by changes? As I see it the same as before.

oh sorry, i updated the wrong project, here you go (10.2 KB)

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