Excel Click Issue

How can the following be done
There is this tab which contains menu. Its Something like this attached Screenshot

Example you need to right click on Store then what approach could be used

I have tried using Element Exists , Text Exist but these approach did not work. Kindly provide other approaches for doing the same

Thanks in Advance!!!

Hi @anmita,

Does it look like the screenshot when you right click it?

if so select the initial state and the final state with the selector. Open UI Explorer and look for differences between selector in Property explorer. You can check the change of different attribute by calling the Get Attribute activity.



Hi @muhammedyuzuak
You meant before right click and after right click whether there are any changes in selector
Then I would say no

The main challenge is that for example it should be able to detect that element for right clicking but it fails to detect it

I see, we actually have a problem even on the first click.

If the selective does not know, he does not leave many options.

1-Upgrade and try the UI Automation package.
2-Try using other selector features with F4
3-Go to the field related to Send key with tabs and enter.
4-Use Click Image

Hello @anmita

Could you please explain the actual requirement here? Also is this steps cannot be handled with the Excel activities?

Please explain your requirement.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
Its actually a simple task
For Example in Columns Measures is given so that you will have to right click on that element
But when you give the selections it is not able to identify

Hi @muhammedyuzuak
I tried the click image one but it does not work for all elements


Is it not feasible with Excel packages?

Also if you are doing with click activity what is the error that you are getting? Can you try recording those steps using App/Web recorder?

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I tried to record but it is not able to select the correct element. And it does not show any error just that
For Example It should click on Material then it might click on Measure that way


Can you share the selector which you are using in the click activity?

Have attached txt file
Click_Used.txt (229 Bytes)


I think this is the selector for the “Store”. In the same way instead os aaname if you provide aaname=“Material” is it failing?

can you try executing in debug mode and enable highlight element and check whether the proper elements are getting highlighted.

I tried changing the aaname. And the correct highlight is done. But while execution it is not selecting that element the cursor is placed at any random position


Did you tried in debug slow method. Just try it once and verify its working or not. If its working give proper delay before the click activity.

Hi @Rahul_Unnikrishnan
I tried with delay that did not work. Any other suggestions …


During execution is it clicking on any same element?

No its not clicking same element

@anmita Can you share this excel?