Clicking on Excel checkbox and button elements

Hi. I hope that someone can help me with this issue.

I have an Excel spreadsheet that we are trying to automate. This spreadsheet is provided to us and owned by an external customer and it is password protected. We do not have access to the password.

There are form elements (checkboxes and buttons) on the excel sheet where I have set up Click activities with selectors that show as valid. But when I run the automation script to click on them, the UiPath Home menu item is getting selected instead.

The checkboxes and buttons are at the bottom of the excel sheet which is not visible when the top portion of the sheet is completed. If while in debug mode, I manually scroll the excel sheet down so that these elements are visible, the automation script selects them correctly. Sending hot keys to automate scrolling the page down result in selecting the UiPath Home menu item.

Because the Excel sheet is password protected, I cannot add a macro or execute a script to get around this problem.

I have tried using the Check activity and the Select Image activity and neither worked with these form elements.

I am running in UiPath Studio 2020.4.1

Did you tried using simulate clicks ?

Try with a simulate click if not worked try by attaching anchor element.

Thank you for the replies.

I have tried using a simulate click and the elements do not get selected. I have also tried setting up the selectors where an anchor is defined using a regular cell. These selectors initially show as valid, but when running, fail with a message that the element could not be found.