My click activity not working

My click event was working before but suddenly stopped working. I am new to UIPath and do not know what to do.I have tried attaching to live element and also editing the selector but still not working. I need someone to briefly check it out for me, please.

Hi @Olaoluwa_Ogunwa,
Please give us some more information regarding the issue.
Screenshot or your workflow (.xaml file) will be very helpful.


It’s selector issue. Use UiExplore to get most reliable selector.

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I have attached the
It works to the point where it does the first search for “company(Immersion Corporation)”. The company name is selected from the excel sheet i also attached.
Thank you

Also, i tried running the xml file on a friends computer. The screenshots weren’t recognized. I had to recapture them again. Is this normal?

Hi @Olaoluwa_Ogunwa,
I was going through your xaml file, i was not able to identify which button has a problem.
Please check your selectors properly. May i know are you using Google Chrome to capture the elements?If yes, try using internet explorer because it provides proper elements selection.