Unable to click a selector

Good day!

I am stuck at this stage- am not sure why the click activities used to select “insert” and “module” are not working.

Would like to humbly seek for your kind advice and guidance. Thanks in advance.


Hi @WS_Chai ,
Try to use send hot key and enter the menu.
Since windows application and also you can see the “_” from the menu item so use shortcut key instead of using click activity


Hi @WS_Chai

Kindly apply proper wildcard in the title and try again

Looks like your selector title is “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - ExcelFile2.xlsx” but in the opened window it is “Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - Copy of ExcelFile2.xlsx”

Use like this for title,

Microsoft Visual Basic for Applications - *.xlsx

Hope this will be helpful. Thank you.

Thanks Jobin for your kind guidance.
I managed to run it smoothly after I re-indicated the element and applied the wildcard.

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Thank you Arivu96 for your guidance, appreciate it.

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