Cannot use click activities on Excel

Few weeks ago i can use click function to click any option pop out but i can no longer uses that function
For example option for create pivot:

  1. Few Weeks ago:
  2. Recently

Hi @Nizri_Daniel

Why would you want to click this in excel, instead we can use invoke VBA or excel macros for this… thanks

well because i was gonna do a knowledge sharing on uipath to a non-computer department. instructing them to use macros would probably too much for them.

The alternative solution would be to use click image and indicate new worksheet (if you want to select the radio button of the new worksheet)

And then in click image property there is an option called offset (x and y) adjust the x offset to -5 or -10 (adjust as per your need) so that it will click the radio button…thanks

thanks for the feedback but i know the workaround to solve that kind of problem but i just want to raise the attention on that issues. why did i can use that function few weeks ago but not now. so im just hoping to find a clarification on why the changes? is it the problem with my excel or they just completely disable it from the community edition because i also try using my colleague pc and the same issue still occur.

Hi @Nizri_Daniel

Could you try changing the framework with F4 during selection?

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