Excel Automatically closing

I am at the beginning of the academy and am at the stage where you are instructed to read the CSV and output into the Excel Report.

When I hit run, the report is loading in excel and another Ui Path programme and then closing after a couple of seconds.

Why is this happening?


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The excel application will automatically close once the ‘excel application scope’ activity is finished. If you wish for it to remain open, you need to keep other activities contained within that scope, or you can output to a workbook variable, which will then remain open until you later use a ‘close workbook’ activity, or use another workbook application scope (supplying that workbook variable) and not outputting it again to another workbook variable


The issue with that is I am trying to follow the Academy “Build your first automation” and I am being asked to review the excel file and see what it has read and extracted from the CSV. Because it is opening and closing so fast I cannot even see the contents of the excel, never mind check if it has extracted correctly.

You should be able to manually open the excel file after the process is finished to review the contents and make sure it looks exactly the way you’d like