Weird Excel behavior

I have this project that I had created some months ago. It was working well and fast, although it was not finished.

Now, after some months without touching UiPath, I opened the project again to finish it. (in the meantime, I re-installed Windows (to a new SSD) and UiPath.

But it is not working as I remember it.

Excel keeps opening and closing with each Excel Activity Scope.
So I added a variable to Output Workbook. But there was no such variable before and Excel would not open and close all the time.

IF I remember correctly, I used to open the Excel file manually and then run the bot. The Excel file kept open, with the bot moving between the tabs… without any Workbook Variable in the Output of the Scope.

Now, even having added the output workbook variable, it still keeps opening the Excel file again and again with each Excel Scope Activity (since there are some loops, happening, it opens the file 15 times to read 15 different lines… and that takes a LOT of time)

Please check

And see if the Visible property is enabled. It shouldn’t be if don’t want the excel to open.
Visible - When selected, the Excel file is opened in the foreground while performing actions on it. When it is cleared, all operations are done in the background.

But I want to see the activities being performed, while I am testing the workflow. The problem is the Workbook being opened again each time a Excel Activity Scope is performed.

This is the loop where the major problem is happening.

now, the funny thing, is that if I connect the left flow to the start and run it, there are also several Excel Activity Scope in the left flow… but Excel doesn´t keep opening and opening the same workbook again.

It opens a single time and it stays open until the end of the flow, even though there are also more than one Excel Activity Scope and loops in that flow.