How to keep open excel file until entire project execute

Hi in my project I am opening same excel file in three times in different 3 stages and it is containing macros. So I need if Once I opened excel It should not close until my entire project complete.
My existing project is working as all the three times opening excel file executing the macro and closing.

Simple Use excel scope application inside that you automate

if you need to open the application you have use open application activity.

excel application scope is read the excel file and if excel file is open it wont through error

i Hope you get the solution and please mark it as solution and close the thread

Chethan P


Hi @vijayabhaskar1987

Use Start process activity and pass the excel file name it will open the excel file similar to how we manually open the file…


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Hi Thanks I have passed variable at output used it is keeping always open my excel

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it ok :champagne: if have any dought ask me

Happy automation :beers: :beers:

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Thanks I have a concern and I will open a new thread

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sure :beer:

hello, tell me, if the excel file is open, will it cause an error or not?

Hi no error it is working fine