Excel applications are closing automatically

Dear All,

My automation includes excel activities. while i am running the robot, all the excel application(other excel which are opened) are getting closed. I have disabled the visible option as well. please advice me on this issue as to how to not close other excels.

Tejaswini H R

Excel Application scope will close only that file which you have pass in that scope…
It will not close other files
if the file is open which u are using in Application scope will not be closed

@ImPratham45 its closing all the excel files.

Tejaswini H R

@tejuhr ,

Ideally this should not happen. Excel application closes only the Excel you are working.

One thing you can try :

After the Excel application scope, put a message box and run the flow .

Now see if the excels are closed or not.

This will make sure that excels are being closed by Excel application scope and not by some other activities in the workflow.



I guess some where you are using Kill Process activity to kill excel applications.

If yes then it will close all opened excel files.

Hey, I am facing this issue. I had kill process in the process and I removed everything and when tested with Studio the process worked fine without closing the excel files I opened in the background. But the strange thing happens when the same code is published and ran from Uipath Assistant, the background files are getting closed automatically.